Swiss Mountain Air is good for your health:

As higher as you climb up a mountain, the more far away you are from the city, the less pollution (such as carbon monoxide and dust particulates) is in the air. The irritated airways get a chance to recover.
Swiss Mountain Air offers additional benefits:

  • Mountain Air helps to reduce weight: Air aloft does have a positive influence on our weight because it reduces your appetite. 
  • Mountain Air protects your heart: 
    A study by the University of Zurich proofed - those ones who live at 1.000 meter above see level have a reduced risk of 22% to suffer from a heart attack. Even the risk to get hit by a stroke reduced around 12%. Those risks are even reduced around the same percentage rate for each additional 1.000 meter altitude! Mountain Air reduces the frequency of you pulse and the blood pressure reduces too. Hence your cardiovascular system is better protected. Swiss Air Deluxe(®) is collected at an altitude of 3000 meter at Matterhorn/Zematt in Switzerland!
  • Mountain Air enhances your blood values:Bad cholesterol and blood sugar values are a reason for many diseases, but mountain air protects you. Referencing the Austrian Study by the University of Insbruck (Austrian Moderate Altitude Study-AMAS), scientist proofed that air from an altitude of 1000 meters significantly enhances these values. Even better at 2500 meter - as higher as better the blood values.
  • Mountain Air revilatizes your mind and your body:
    Do you know the feeling of being out of power? Being tired aligned with difficulties to concentrate? Get your extra kick with 100% Swiss mountain air from an altitude of 3000 meters!